Camas Farm: Our Story

Local organic farm in Victoria BC

As natural farmers with more than ten years of experience in China, we believe in the harmony between people and nature, which the Chinese call "the Dao." However, we soon realized that we could not simply replicate the Chinese model of agriculture due to the different climatic conditions in Canada. Instead, we should focus on local, organic, and small-scale retail. On Vancouver Island, vegetables are heavily reliant on sea transportation, and bad weather could lead to a shortage of fresh produce for up to seven days. As farmers, we felt that we could make a contribution to the beautiful Vancouver Island.

  • The Camas Flower

  • Honoring our Land

  • Celebrating Tradition

The Story of Our Name

Six years ago, in early May, we were searching for a place to settle on Vancouver Island. We stumbled upon an area with a beautiful landscape, filled with the sweet scent of flowers and the songs of birds. We saw a beautiful purple flower with pointed petals and bright yellow stamen that we had never seen before. The flower was called Camas and we learned that it has very strict environmental requirements and its roots are a traditional food of the First Nation people. It is said that capable women are particularly good at finding this root. Wild spinach also grows around it, which is another vegetable that only thrives in areas with high air quality.

The Camas flower holds a special meaning for us. We chose to settle in this area because of its presence. It does not require fertile soil and often grows in rocky surroundings, but it is very persistent in seeking out clean air. Its beauty is also very practical, as its color resembles that of our purple-skinned garlic. We want to pay tribute to the hardworking women of the First Nation through this brand, and hope that we, like the Camas, can devote ourselves to local production and coexist harmoniously with the environment. Perhaps it was fate, but our eldest son chose a university with a purple logo.

In summary, the Camas brand story is about the importance of respecting the environment and the traditions of the First Nation people. It emphasizes the need for local, organic, and small-scale farming practices, and celebrates the unique beauty and practicality of the Camas flower.